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Hycal Overhead Crane Inc

HyCal supplies individual electrical crane components that meet or exceed the highest industry standards.  As well, as electrical crane kits that allow you to save both time and money by single sourcing the components.

BRIDGE CONTROL PANELS - Take advantage of the wide variety of variable speed, multi-speed and custom designed panels that HyCal offers. Minimum NEMA 4-rated.  All motions have mechanical interlocks and complete with adjustable overloads. High quality Schneider components. Integral disconnect standard on bridge panels.

POWER BAR SYSTEMS - Our insulated conductor bar systems will stand the test of time. Manufactured from galvanized steel or electrolytic copper, these systems are amply sized and proportioned to carry the specified current without overheating. Common V or universal 8 bar in the 90A and 110A ranges.

FESTOON SYSTEMS - Flat cable is specifically designed for festooning applications, to absolutely minimize bending. All conductors are totally enclosed in a tough, flexible, bright yellow PVC jacket. There are no moving contacts, no exposed live metal surfaces, and no ungrounded  metal parts.

Pendant Pushbuttons + Radio Remotes -  HyCal carries pendant stations from the leading manufacturing giants which include  Siemens & Telemechanique.  Also available is the GIS pendant push button stations in several different button configurations to satisfy your lifting requirements.